A B O U T    K A Y

Kay Jenkins is an example of if "you want it bad enough you will achieve it". The strength and perseverance that she developed over the course of many trials, is where she embodies empowerment, curated by Kay that she is now sharing with those who have been a part of her journey. This is where the Life by Design concept was created.

Kay was not brought into this world with the kindest of environments, and will be the first to say growing up in a trailer park with abusive parents contributed to who she is today. Kay experienced a lot of trauma that used to consume her, until she understood the sacrifices she needed to make in order to accomplish her goals. She learned at a young age that in order to have success, she needed to depend on herself and became the independent woman she desired to be. Kay showcases all aspects of her life, but most importantly shares her reason WHY and that is her brother Kyler. In high school he was in a terrible car accident that left him completely disabled, having to learn how to walk and talk again. Being unable to care for himself, this became Kay's waking point.

The experience of her brother's accident rocked Kay's world, it contributed to situations that landed Kay in the states custody, essentially stripping her of critical points in any young adult's life. This went on for the latter part of her teenage years until she was released back into the real world.

Kay would not accept that she was a victim of her circumstances, but rather would overcome adversity and begin the life she was destined for. That is when she went out and obtained her real estate license and was determined to be a Top Producer. Within the first year she became the state's youngest producing agent by just the age of 19. For years to come after that, she has received many awards for her production and sales volume.

From there Kay blossomed her self-confidence. She structured and tailored her life in the steps she now shares in Kay by Design. She built a routine and took complete control of her life, this was how she could reach her goals. This then expanded into her modeling career. Over the last 5 years Kay has developed her portfolio from her beginning stages in modeling, to now working with world renowned photographers, traveling the world and working in exotic setting and collaborating with other creators.

Kay is now living the dream she envisioned for herself and it is just the beginning. She has executed each and every one of her goals through perseverance and very calculated affirmations she practices daily. Kay is completely raw in her communication of how she has gotten to the point in which she is now with her overall look and what lies beneath the surface. She is excited to share her journey with you and how to start to live your own extraordinary life with Kay by Design.